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Australian Government - Australian Charities and
                    Not-For-Profit Taskforce

Implementation and Promotion

The ANCP's role includes encouraging the effective implementation and promotion of the Guidelines. In doing this, the ANCP undertakes the following activities:

  • develops and publicises a Service Charter on the Guidelines and the role of the ANCP to multinational enterprises and more broadly;
  • cooperates with the business community, trade unions, NGOs, other government departments and agencies, and the public;
  • contributes to the resolution of issues related to the Guidelines;
  • conducts seminars and consultation sessions on the Guidelines with business, NGOs, other government departments and agencies, and the interested public;
  • responds to any enquiries about the Guidelines and ensures that the Guidelines are accessible;
  • maintains an information website at;
  • reports annually to the OECD Investment Committee on its activities;
  • cooperates and consults with other National Contact Points;
  • investigates complaints under the special instance complaint structure in accordance with the ANCP's complaint procedures;
  • in an effort to help involved parties come to a resolution, makes available and accessible the office of the ANCP to facilitate mediated outcomes of a complaint;
  • prepares reports of findings and a statement of outcome for complaints.

The ANCP is committed to carrying out these responsibilities in accordance with the Guidelines requirement for National Contact Points to be visible, accessible, transparent, and accountable.