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Australian Government - Australian Charities and
                    Not-For-Profit Taskforce

Review of the Australian National Contact Point (ANCP)
Terms of Reference


The Foreign Investment Division within Treasury will commission a review of the ANCP to be conducted by an independent party.


The independent reviewer will seek input from other stakeholders including academics, NGOs and large Australian-based multinationals captured by the Guidelines. There will be close consultation with other Australian Government agencies via the ANCP Oversight Committee.

Terms of Reference

Examine the Australian Government’s commitments and obligations under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (the Guidelines) and assess how the ANCP function should fit within whole-of-government strategy.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the current ANCP structure, specifically:

  • the ANCP’s role in the context of alternative mechanism(s) for redress;
  • the role of the ANCP Oversight Committee;
  • how the ANCP should engage with non-government organisations such as business, unions, industry groups, academia and civil society; and
  • how the ANCP compares with NCP structures in other OECD countries, including resourcing and international best-practice.

Evaluate the most suitable area of Government to effectively perform the ANCP function, specifically:

  • the ability to successfully promote the Guidelines, including access to relevant networks and stakeholder partnerships; and
  • the ability to successfully manage the grievance handling process, including ready access to policy expertise and a working understanding of current international and domestic sensitivities that may relate.

A written report, including recommendations, will be provided to Treasury in September 2017.